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See below for a description of the Stumpy Cartoon Strip.
Stumpy Crew

Stumpy Cartoon Characters

This group of ingeneous beavers operate one of our less known institutions of higher learning, Stumphaven Tech. Not even Google knows where it is.

Dr. Stumpy Beaver, for whom the strip was named, is a practical purveyer of scientific knowledge in the general field of agriculture. He has a little kit named Spurt.

Mopsy is the cleaning lady who allows the others to use HER facilities, just as long as they don't mess things up.

Dr. G.W. Fuzzherder is a microbiologist with an eye on a Nobel Prize. Don't hold your breath.

Dr. K.G. Flatwhacker is a world class economist who regularly publishes his newsletter where most similar economic advice belongs, right next to the Charmins at the grocery store. He adores his girl friend, Ms Juliana Porkside (Jumbo Juliana).

Ms. Whiteout was not necessarily hired for her typing skills. She is the inspiration behind the all new convenient, 55-gallon drums of correction fluid which she applies using a paint roller.

Recap is the general custonian for the college who has a special attraction for Dr. Fuzzherder's cultures, especially those engaged in fermentation.

Beulah Beaver is one of those disgustingly competent secretaries who keeps the wheels from completely coming off this operation. Ms. Whiteout is especially intimidated by her boss's deploma from the Julliard School of typing.

Chef Wastebag is the executive chef at the Stumphaven Tech Memorial Beanery.

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