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Forest lands of The Pacific Northwest contain a variety of plants and landscapes that are unique and magnificent. Mountains, waterfalls, wild rivers, and other features of the land combine with the most beloved wild plants of the area to produce landscapes that embody the distinctive flavor of The Pacific Northwest.

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All paintings feature highly detailed, botanically accurate plants against backgrounds of spectacular Northwest terrain. All landscapes are painted with the vibrant colors of designer’s gouache on illustration board.

The “Paintings & Prints” button leads to three categories of images: Large original paintings, Giclée prints on canvas, and Giclée prints on paper.

The “Cartoons” button leads to galleries of panel cartoons, strip cartoons, and ancient political cartoons, plus a bear poster.

Book illustrations show illustrations from a science book for young readers on photosynthesis (1995), and from a second book in progress on the biology of organic energy from photosynthesis to fossil fuels planned for 2016.


Mt. Rainier
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